Laboratory Services

Herbanext offers the following laboratory services to students and researchers working on natural products. Please contact us for your specific needs for cost estimates. 30% discount applies to students.

Raw material processing

drying, grinding, sieving


1-20 li capacity

Rotary evaporation

1-20 li capacity

Spray drying

0.1-5 li capacity

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)

fingerprinting, densitometric quantification (QuantiScan)

Qualitative Phytochemical screening

alkaloids, flavonoids, tanins, saponins, terpenoids

Distillation (conventional, soxhlet)

0.5-1 li capacity

Essential oil distillation

1-5 kg capacity

Microbial tests

TAC, TYM, E. coli, P. aeruginosaEnterobacteriaceaeS. aureusSalmonella spp.

Antimicrobial screening

E. coli, ESBL+ E. coli, S. aureus, MRSA S. aureusP. aeruginosaS.typhiiP. vulgarisA. nigerS. cerevisiaeK. pneumoniaS. mutans

Tableting and capsulizing

manual or mechanical

Stability/shelf life

30°C/75% RH, 40°C/75% RH

Miscellaneous laboratory  equipment for microbiology and chemistry work

autoclave, balances, biosafety cabinet (Class II), centrifuges, chemical hood, grinder, heating plate, incubator, laminar flow hood, microscopes, oven, pipettor, shaker, siever, water baths, sonicator, homogenizers, stirrers, furnace, ultralow freezer, vacuum filter, vacuum oven, vacuum pump, vortex mixer

Miscellaneous meters/testers

alcohol meter, brix meter, bulk density tester, conductivity meter, humidity meter, leak tester, lux meter, moisture tester, pH meter, polarimeter, specific gravity tester, tapped density tester, tablet testers (hardness, friability, disintegration, dissolution), TDS meter, thermometer, viscosity meter, water activity meter