Herbanext Services: Contract Research & Toll Manufacturing

Ingredient Development

Ingredient development services involve customized processing of raw materials that usually starts with fresh herbs. Herbanext Laboratories offer a variety of ingredient development processes that will suit the client’s requirements. These may include but not limited to producing powdered herbs with specific particle sizes or limits for microbial load. Herbanext Laboratories also perform ingredient development processes for research and development purposes. We can also process raw materials into powders, spray-dried extracts, essential oils, herbal oil infusions, and tea-cut products. Extraction and concentration services are also provided.

Product Formulation Development

Herbanext Laboratories maintain a team of licensed pharmacists, chemists, and food technologists experienced in formulation development of food supplements, functional foods or beverages, herbal drugs, and herbal cosmetics. Product formulation development services involve formulation conceptualization, determination of ingredient/excipient compatibility, pre-formulation, trial batch production, product formulation proposal (for client approval), product improvement (if formulation changes required). Depending on the product, formulation development typically takes between 2 weeks to 2 months before products stability trials are made. Drug and food formulation

Shelf-Life Testing

Shelf-life testing or stability testing is an assessment of the functionality, acceptability, safety, effectiveness, and stability of a product over a period of time to establish or verify the expiry date of the product.

Shelf life is determined via two types of stability testing methods: long term stability testing and accelerated stability testing. In long term stability testing, a product is stored at recommended storage conditions and monitored until it no longer falls within product specifications. In accelerated stability testing, a product is stored at elevated stress conditions (higher temperature and humidity) wherein degradation at recommended storage conditions can be predicted using known relationships between the acceleration factor and the degradation rate. Testing should be performed at time intervals that encompass the target shelf life and must be continued for a period after the product degrades below specification. Long term stability testing can take up to two years to complete, thus, the accelerated tests are often used as temporary measures to expedite product introduction.

Packaging Design

Good packaging design reflects the company’s identity and conveys good product quality as well safety. It plays a key role in marketing a product and ensuring sales since the packaging design of the product is the one that gives primary impact to customers aside from the product itself. Herbanext offers packaging design services for a variety of products.

Assistance in Regulatory Dossier

To be able to sell a product to the market, an approved Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) must be issued by the FDA Philippines. We, at Herbanext, also ensure that our products are registered. We help or assist our clients, mostly Traders, in registration of their Food Products, from Analysis of the product sample to Product Registration.

Toll Manufacturing

Toll manufacturing is an arrangement wherein one company having specialized equipment and facilities would process raw materials or semi-finished products for another company according to their requirements. Toll manufacturing provides an advantage to clients such as they no longer need capital investment for large equipment or facilities. Herbanext’s toll manufacturing services provide state of the art equipment and facilities, established procedures and safety regulations, fully trained staff, certified handling of materials and performing of analytical tests. Herbanext’s toll manufacturing services are available for spray-dried extracts, liquid extracts & botanical oils, instant granulated beverages, tea bags & loose leaf teas, herbal coffee mix & cereal drink mix, syrups, jams, and healthy chips, capsules, tablets, lozenges, and animal treats.

Laboratory Services

Herbanext’s Laboratory Services include research and development, physicochemical property determination, microbial load limit analysis, antimicrobial tests, material preparation and processing, extraction/concentration, distillation/essential oil extraction, thin layer chromatography, qualitative phytochemical screening, tableting/capsulizing procedures, tablet quality determination, and stability testing.

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