Herbal Teas

Healthy Teas from East to West

In all cultures around the world, there is a long tradition of consuming herbal teas or tisane as a general tonic for health, as treatment for various bodily ailments, as a digestive, or simply as a calming or relaxing beverage. By boiling or steeping plant parts in hot water, beneficial water soluble phytochemicals, antioxidants, and nutrients leach out creating a functional beverage of unique flavour and aroma.

Herbal teas contain a variety of valuable plant compounds such as isoflavones, anthocyanins, proanthocyaninids, carotenoids, catechins, and isothiocyanates, aside from vitamins and minerals. Through these phytochemicals, herbal teas are able to help relieve symptoms of diabetes and hypertension, protect liver function, enhance immunity, dissolve kidney stones, subdue cough, detoxify the body, improve gastrointestinal function, fight cancer, to name just a few. In recent years, there has been a global renaissance in the popularity of herbal teas as modern science is discovering what ancient cultures have known all along ─ that drinking certain plant infusions are good for the health.


 Filipinos are blessed with a huge treasure throve of medicinal plants which could be made into excellent herbal teas. Thanks to the islands rich botanical biodiversity (over 1,500 medicinal plant species), the wave of Indo-Malay migrations with its indigenous and Ayurvedic herbal traditions, the long history of maritime trade with neighbouring countries, and 250 years of the direct trade to the West during the Spanish colonial period. The Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade in particular ─ the longest trade route in its time covering 24,000 kilometers from Manila to Acapulco then  Seville in Spain ─ became a superhighway for a great many valuable plant introductions to the Philippines from the New World as well as the Old World. It does not come as a surprise that Filipinos have a rich appreciation of herbal teas.


The rich diversity of Philippine herbal teas can now be conveniently experienced and enjoyed all year round with Herbanext’s Herbal Teas. Herbanext offers the widest selection of locally grown herbal teas grown and nurtured on Philippine soil.

These herbal tea products have been carefully selected for its pleasant taste and aroma, health function, and/or nutritional benefits. Herbanext offers customized product development and toll production services for private label herbal teas for restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, wellness clinics, and private companies. Rediscover our rich botanical heritage and nature’s gift of health and wellness. Enjoy a phytonutrient-rich cup of Herbanext Herbal tea.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, practically every food is refined, cooked or preserved. These processes remove or destroy valuable phytochemicals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Drinking herbal tea is a convenient and enjoyable way of getting a daily dose of valuable plant essences.


Partial list of herbal teas from Herbanext

English/Local Names

Scientific Name


Health Benefits


Annona muricata

Light, enjoyable, slightly woody taste

Immunity enhancer, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, improves digestion, anti-fatigue


Artemisia dracunculus

Clean, refreshing flavor
Reminiscent of a combination of anise, licorice, and mint

Improves digestion, detoxifying/antioxidant, relaxing


Carica papaya

Smooth with a subtle, slightly bitter flavor

Improves digestion, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying/antioxidant

Gotu Kola

Centella asiatica

Light, enjoyable, slightly woody taste

Stress-relief, supports memory and cognitive function, improves joint health

Luyang dilaw

Curcuma longa

Mildly aromatic and slightly bitter with a scent reminiscent of orange and ginger

Anti-inflammatory, supports liver health, improves digestion, detoxifying/antioxidant, cholesterol lowering, neuroprotection, anti-cancer


Cymbopogon citratus

Light lemony flavor with a slight hint of ginger; zesty and refreshing hot or cold

Stress relief, improves digestion, detoxifying/antioxidant, antipyretic, anti-cancer

Wild Tea
Forest Tea
Tsaang Gubat

Ehretia microphylla

Tastes very similar to black tea from Camellia sinensi

Improves digestion, helps treat stomach problems, antidiarrheal


Garcinia mangostana

Slightly bitter, exotic taste

Detoxifying/antioxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-diarrheal

Reishi (Japan)
Lingzhi (China)

Ganoderma lucidum

Slightly bitter with mellow taste of mushroom

Immunity enhancer, general health tonic, anti-cancer

Karkade (Sudan)

Hibiscus sabdariffa

Sour cranberry-like taste with bright red color, refreshing hot or cold

Antihypertensive, supports weight loss, mild laxative, antipyretic


Lagerstroemia speciosa

Subtle bitterness but with soothing and pleasant taste

Anti-diabetic, anti-gout, supports weight loss


Mentha spp.

Characteristic minty and refreshing taste

Improves digestion, relaxing

Bitter Melon

Momordica charantia

Moderately bitter taste

                  Anti-diabetic, antipyretic

Horseradish Tree

Moringa oleifera

Highly nutritious tea with green and leafy taste

For energy and mental clarity, general health tonic, cholesterol lowering


Morus nigra

Fresh, light, and grassy taste similar to green tee

Anti-diabetic, cholesterol lowering, mild laxative

Holy Basil
Tulsi (India)

Ocimum sanctum

Astrigent, spicy, and invigorating flavor

Stress relief, immunity enhancer, improves mental clarity

Cat’s Whiskers
Java Tea
Balbas pusa

Orthosiphon stamineus

Delicate and pleasant taste, making it a popular Asian tea in Europe

For kidney and bladder stones, helps treat urinary tract infections, anti-gout, antihypertensive, anti-diabetic

Yellow Strobilanthes
Pecah Beling

Strobilanthes crispus

Pleasant taste with slight sweetness and sour notes

Anti-diabetic, for kidney stones, anti-cancer

Five-Leaved Chaste Tree

Vitex negundo

Mildly bitter and astringent taste

Expectorant, antitussive, sore throat, anti-inflammatory

Ginger (with Stevia)

Zingiber officinale

Spicy and invigorating taste soothing to the throat; tastes like salabat but minus the calories

Nausea, colds relief, improves digestion, cholesterol lowering