Roselle Instant Syrup

Perfect for cakes, pastries & salad

Roselle or hibiscus comes from the flower of the plant Hibiscus sabdariffa which believed to have originated from Africa. Roselle is rich in anthocyanins and its deep red colour and sweet-sour tarty taste is a perfect substitute for cranberries and strawberries. In syrup form, roselle is an amazing flavour that is ideal for use in fancy pastries, steak sauces, salad dressings, and cocktail drinks. Roselle’s characteristic colour, however, fades only after a few weeks in the presence of moisture.

To preserve the valuable anthocyanins in roselle syrup and prolong its shelf life, we have developed the Roselle Instant Syrup Powder Mix. It is quick and easy to prepare, just add 1 sachet to 25 ml of hot water. Bring to a boil with continuous stirring for 10 minutes. Allow solution to cool. Makes up to 50 ml Roselle syrup. Roselle Instant Syrup is just like
making fresh syrup, except that it is much faster and more convenient.

Roselle: A Functional Food

Roselle contains high amounts of anthocyanins, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and soluble fiber. Traditional medicine has often turned to roselle to help ease hypertension and urinary tract infections. Recent studies suggest that continuous consumption of roselle may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, support liver health, manage weight, and prevent cancer.


Sugar, Roselle Extract, Pectin, Citric Acid
No preservatives. No artificial colors. No artificial flavoring.